Tieto and MeaWallet provide a Mobile Wallet solution for financial institutions

Tieto and MeaWallet join forces to offer new IT solutions for the financial services industry. The solution includes a Mobile Wallet as well as integration and consultation services. The Mobile Wallet will allow the use of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets as means of secure payments.
The Mobile Wallet is a modern, redundant and safe technology. With Near Field Communication (NFC) and Over the Air (OTA) technologies, all payment card data is personalized in a secure element and placed in the mobile device. The services are offered mainly in the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States regions.
“This is a milestone for the mobile wallet ecosystem,” says Lars Sandtorv, CEO of MeaWallet. “The time is right for bringing the entire contents of your wallet into your smart phone, not in a multitude of apps, but in one secure mobile wallet. The expansion of our portfolio with Tieto’s card management system will take our services to the next level. The variety of services could include access cards, coupons, tickets, loyalty cards, ID, for instance,” Sandtorv continues.
“We are glad to extend our partnership network in the Nordics and welcome MeaWallet among our trusted partners. This partnership allows us to help our Financial Services customers to gain market share and improve customer satisfaction by using the cutting-edge technologies available on the market,” says Vahid Zohali, Vice President Banking at Tieto.
New technologies are rapidly changing the payment landscape The future will hold a significant demand for mobile NFC technology. Therefore, organizations in the payment card business have to plan for arising opportunities, such as the Mobile Wallet.
“With our services, cardholders will have the newest mobile technologies; for banks, this means an excellent customer loyalty and additional service and sales tool. In addition, technologies like the Mobile Wallet will significantly reduce the costs related to cards’ lifecycle management as the need to issue and maintain traditional plastic payment cards will decrease,” says Mats Wikström, Head of Operation, Banking and Insurance, Tieto Financial Services.
For further information, please contact:
Mats Wikström, Head of Operation, Banking and Insurance, Tieto Financial Services, phone: +46 104 810 000, email: mats.wikstrom[at]tieto.com
Lars Sandtorv, CEO, MeaWallet, phone: +47 909 55 111, email: lars.sandtorv[at]meawallet.com
Tieto is the largest Nordic IT services company providing full life-cycle services for both the private and public sectors and product development services in the field of communications and embedded technologies. The company has global presence through its product development business and global delivery centres.

Tieto is committed to developing enterprises and society through IT by realizing new opportunities in customers’ business transformation. At Tieto, we believe in professional development and results. Founded 1968, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and with approximately 15 000 experts, the company operates in over 20 countries with net sales of approximately EUR 1.8 billion. Tieto’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX in Helsinki and Stockholm. Please visit www.tieto.com for more information.
MeaWallet is the leading Nordic company focusing on mobile wallet ecosystem, connecting all the actors of the Near Field Communication (NFC) and mCommerce ecosystem through our neutral Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service. Being an independent TSM, MeaWallet will ensure connections – technological and contractual – between all other actors within the ecosystem: financial institutions, Mobile Network Operators, service providers and end users. We believe in following globally accepted standards being open to connect to anybody, thus helping to build a true NFC and mCommerce eco system. MeaWallet play a key role providing advanced and necessary services like end-to-end security, hosting and integration to all of the constituents in the NFC eco system. For more details please visit www.meawallet.com
MeaWallet? is Europe?s only fully dedicated supplier of mobile wallet services, focusing on the entire ecosystem. Through our one world one mobile wallet concept, service providers will be able to offer mobile wallet services to their customers without investing heavily in technology, solutions and operations.

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